What should we pack?

While we’ve finally got down our packing list for Costa Rica, it’s been a lot of trial and error with overpacking and under packing. Below is our tried and true list of the Costa Rica essentials and some optional items that could be helpful during your adventure. Click here to view our packing list.

Do you have any tips about renting a car?

Absolutely! There are so many areas to explore that you will want a car to get around more easily. Taxis can be difficult to arrange and will often be more expensive than a rental over the duration of your trip.

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How do we get to playa flamingo?

Playa Flamingo is about one hour driving from the Liberia International Airport. Shuttles and taxis are readily available, but we encourage renting a car for ease of getting around the beach areas. Local taxis can be difficult to find and a rental car will provide more freedom to explore the area. A 4×4 is recommended in the green season and is extremely helpful in navigating the occasional washed-out areas.

Is there a local market?

The nearest market is called Super Massai Grocery and is within a few minutes drive from the unit. They have everything you would need and accept cash and credit cards. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

What should we tip at restaurants?

In Costa Rica, a 10% service charge is added to all bills. While there isn’t a need to tip more, we encourage leaving something extra if you have received good service.

is the area safe?

Playa Flamingo is generally a very safe area. Like many places, it’s still important to be smart and not look for trouble. Check Out our list of Things Not To Do In Costa Rica

Do you have a list of travel tips?

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