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We’ve put together a list of our tips for having the best possible time in Costa Rica. Enjoy!

3 Day Trips From Playa Flamingo

TAMARINDO Tamarindo is a good mix of fun, chill vibes, and surf culture. Look for Volcano Brewing when you get into town and shortly after, Rasta Joaquin will usually be there flagging you down for parking. Parking with him only costs a few dollars and he watches your...

What Not To Do In Costa Rica

Overview Some are cultural, some are practical, and some are just common sense. Below is our list of things to not do in Costa Rica.   DON’T SWIM IN RIVERS The rivers of Costa Rica are claimed by the crocodiles. Yes.. seriously. Don’t swim in or near any river mouths...

Renting A Car In Liberia Costa Rica

Overview If adventure is your main goal, renting a car in Liberia, Costa Rica is the absolute best way to get around the area. It gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and avoid wasting time and money on taxis which can be difficult to find in certain...

The Costa Rica Packing List

Overview Hola! While we’ve finally got our packing list down for Costa Rica, it’s been a lot of trial an error with overpacking and under packing. The biggest mistake I’ve made it not bringing an adequate rain jacket and waterproof shoes. Getting stuck in a muddy...

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